Stella west, little black book with my poems in, cactus, green, spikey, desert,

About Me


I started to find my calling in music and songwriting when I first heard Dolly Parton on the radio. I was around nine years old. I wrote a few songs but never imagined I would sound good when I sang them. I found my voice back in school when I auditioned for a play and a teacher told me I could sing. I'm more of a writer than anything and have written hundreds of short stories and poems over the years. When I got a guitar for my 11th birthday I started to learn and put sounds to my poems and I haven't stopped since. I'm inspired by western cowboy movies and Quentin Tarantino films. At least, that's my inspiration at the moment. It changes a lot. However I do feel that my musical life has been building up to this point, I've tried to describe and "find" a sound that isn't heard often but resonates with everybody and I found that in country and blues music mixed together with all of my influences which is quite an eclectic taste. From Nick Cave to Colter Wall,


I have been on a mission to fuse these genres together and create something unique and I think I might have just cracked it. Maybe I'm not making sense, but that's why I sing and write songs, hopefully they speak for themselves. 

Stella x