Stella west, little black book with my poems in, cactus, green, spikey, desert,

About Me


Dark Americana and Gothic Country are some of the genres associated with singer and songwriter Stella West. Although nobody can really pin her music down to one genre and some people have even invented new genres to fit Stella’s soulful sound. “Desert Blues” being one of them. Dipped ever so lightly in Classic Rock, 28 year old Stella started to sing and write at the young age of nine years old. Everything else is a mystery! With a vast number of influences from every genre, from Nick Cave to Dolly Parton, you can hear pieces of every one of them in Stella’s music. 

Described as “Murky, Dark and Peculiar” Stella’s latest album created a wave of curiosity in the Dark Country and Americana community’s and had fans asking “Who is Stella West?” And “What is Little Black Book With My Poems In about?”. Only Stella knows the answer, and listening to the mysterious concept album will have your imagination running wild and have you inventing your own ideas about its meaning. With cameos from Jazz and Soul in some songs really adding depth and uniqueness to the album. Her lyrics are often stories told in a melancholy, rich and sensual voice. Described as “One of the best songwriters of our time” by Urbanista Magazine, Stella is a talent to keep an eye on.