Introducing the Stella West School of Music

The Stella West School of Music is Stella's latest project. Currently,

Stella is offering online music lessons.

From sight reading, music notation to song writing and vocals, you can now book one to one sessions via Zoom or Skype to learn with Stella. 

Stella teaches beginners ages 10 to 18. If you have a child you think may be talented and you want to explore this with the child, Stella's lessons are perfect. If you're 18 and over and you're ready to take singing and music seriously and want a career in music, Stella is here! ​

"I wanted to do something for the kids that have loads of talent and potential in music but whose parents don't know where to start or what to do about it. So many children have incredible musical abilities, but it's just not encouraged enough. If you can play a guitar and sing a song, you'll never struggle for money because there is always someone looking for a musician! Learning to sing properly or learning an instrument teaches self-discipline, patience and creativity. All the subjects I teach are learned skills, and you can never have too many skills. I eventually want to open a full-time music school for children." - Stella West

List of subjects Stella can teach:

  • Song writing

  • Singing and Technique/Breathing

  • Music Notation and Sight reading 

  • Beginner acoustic Guitar 

  • Beginner Classical Piano and Keyboard

  • Stage fright and Anxiety Help 

To book a consultation please fill out the form below with details of what you're interested in.

These lessons can be open ended or for audition preparation. 

Lessons are free to those that cannot afford classes.

A strong will to study and a passion for music is mandatory in these cases and proof of benefits will be required. 




Important information: 



Stella will be in touch with times and dates for your free consultation.

Please note, you will be required to sing a verse and a chorus from a song of your choice. So have this prepared before your consultation. Acapella only! (No backing tracks) 

You will be provided with a journal including an overview of what it is you're working towards.

If you have specific goals in mind, please mention them!

If you're looking for a session for audition preparation, please provide Stella with the piece you're performing and how you/they want it performed. 

Parents are welcome to sit in on sessions with their children. In fact this is encouraged!

Stella needs at least 24 hours' notice if you're going to cancel a session.

Those that don't log on without prior notice will still be charged for the session.

Sessions last up to two hours depending on your needs/goals. 

Stella's teaching schedule is busy, please bare this in mind if it takes a while to get back to you. 

Please make sure you already have a Zoom or Skype account before signing up to lessons. 

Stella charges £10 per hour, consultations are free. For children ages 10 to 13, lessons are £5 per hour. 

Audition Preparation sessions are £20 per hour.

This needs to be paid before the session, you can pay in instalments as long as your payments are up to date for the following session whenever that might be. 

If you own a microphone that can easily connect to your computer via USB, please use it! 

If you're taking Piano or Guitar lessons, please make sure you have these instruments with you when logging on. (Seems obvious, but students logging on without equipment happens a lot!)

If you have music notation paper, excellent. If not, it can be sent to you or you can use regular lined paper, just make sure you draw out a few staffs on the paper before logging on. 

Absolutely no backing tracks when singing at your consultation. Acapella only. 

Lessons won't be on the same day every week; this is because Stella already has a tight teaching schedule.

You may have lessons once a fortnight depending on what your goals are.

If it's audition preparation you're seeking, you will be chosen before regular sessions as auditions are time sensitive. 

If at any point during the session you lose a stable internet connection, Stella will wait and try to fix this with you for 10 minutes. If there's still no connection, the session will end but you may still be charged. 

This is a great opportunity to learn from a working musician.

Stella is very experienced in music and loves to share her knowledge, but respects self-discipline when it comes to practise. Without practise, you're wasting your precious time!

Anyone booking sessions and not putting in the work will be dropped from Stella's schedule. 

Sessions can be anywhere from 9am to 6pm on weekdays and 11am to 4pm on weekends. 

Have fun! And remember, Practise!


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